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Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools Jokes, April Fools Day Pranks

Hey, it's April Fools' Day! The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes on friends and neighbors. Being little naughty, playing a prank, cracking a joke on someone, confusing people with jokes, riddles and brain-teasers. Everything’s fair when it comes down to April Fools' Day ! Have a day filled with lots of laughter and smiles as you wish all you know a Happy April Fools' Day.

Rig the Sprayer

Put a rubber band around the push button of the spray nozzle (the kind with a hose) so the button stays down. Point it forward. When the victim uses the sink they will get a wet surprise!


Use a pin to make a few small holes in a plastic disposable cup. Offer a drink to the victim and watch while the liquid dribbles out onto their shirt.


Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Laugh at all the people who frantically try to get your attention as you drive by.

Big Winner

Some of the best April Fool's pranks take a bit of pre-planning. Buy a lottery ticket and give it to the victim on March 31. The next day go out early and buy another ticket with the exact same numbers as the WINNING numbers from the day before. Put this ticket in the place of the ticket from the day before. Wait for them to check the numbers in the paper. They probably won’t notice the different date, and will think they just became a millionaire!

Early Bird

Set the victim’s alarm clock for the middle of the night and hide it somewhere in the room where they will have to get up and scramble around to turn it off. (This works even better if you sneak in after they go to sleep and unscrew the light bulb in their lamp. Then they’ll have to search for the clock in the dark!)

Do the Splits

Find a scrap of cloth. Place a dollar on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes by and bends down to pick up the dollar, rip the cloth loudly. Most people will reach back to see if they ripped their pants. One of the original classic April Fool's pranks of all time!

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